Pakistan Recruitment is the TOP Talent Supply Recruitment Company in Pakistan which is providing Remote, Relocation-assisted and On-Site Talent in the fields of Technology and its related domains across the globe.

We are the Ultimate Recruitment Company in Pakistan if You are looking to create Your Dream IT Workforce or You are a Talented Candidate looking to provide Your Services to Top IT Companies around the Globe.

Hassam Khan

Founder & CEO

Hassam brings 10 years of International Recruitment experience from Asia , MENA, North America and Europe.
He has lead Talent Acquisition Teams for US and Gulf Countries based StartUps in his last few years and hired Top IT Talent across the globe, which has made Him a Top Tech Recruiter in Pakistan

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Reduce the global Talent Scarcity and bridge the gap between 60% Youth population of Pakistan and Global High-tech Jobs..


Enable Global companies to reduce their hiring cost and increase productivity while working with Top 2% of Pakistan’s talent.


What people say about our Founder
  • Hassam is both a terrific leader and recruiter. In the time he worked with us at Spekit, Hassam helped build out our recruiting efforts in Pakistan and started scaling our efforts around employer branding. He is personable. driven hard working collaborative and has a strong network - making him a fantastic Head of Talent.
    Melanie Fellay
    CEO at Spekit
  • I got a chance to collaborate with Hassam for a couple of technical postions. it was a pleasure working with him. I found Hassam to be extremely professional and committed. He helped us to fill up some major technical positions at our company in very less tine. He understands the requirements, is very easy to work with, and gets the job done!
    Alameera Ahmad Noon
    Human Resources Manager at Get Licensed
  • Hassam is very professinnal and have a sound technical knowledge. We have been working with Hassam for more then 3 years now and have hired multiple resources through him.
    Obaid Rehman
    Cofounder 8 CTO at ZOD
  • Hassam is not only a great recruiter of talent, but he also serves as a sounding board to help you think through exacty the kind of person you're looking for. Experience matters and when you've been involved in as many searches as he has, it makes a big difference in terms of speed and outcome. I lis professionalsm and attention to detail have been a breath of fresh air and I recommerd him without reservation.
    Danish Iqbal Do
    Founder + CEO at Medusa
  • It has been an honor to work with Hassam. He has been a great partner in the effort to find the best engineering talent for our team at Spekit. He is very skilled at developing and implementing a talent acquisition strategy. He is also a very hands-on person, and has never shyed away from the day to day work of chasing down and attracting the best in the industry. A real asset to anyone he would partner with!
    Hammad Akhwand
    Director Of Engineering at Spekit
  • I definitely recommend Hassam to candidates who an looking for opportunities that fits them and also recruiters who are looking for tors of exceptional talent. Hassam helped me out with my requirements and he is excellent at communication and understanding situation and delvering the resut more than which you can think of. If anyone is thinking whether to contact him or not then mark my words you won't regret after messaging him or connnecting with him. I would stay connected with him for long term.
    Muhammad Faizan Khan
    CTO @ Technolagia Solutions LLC